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Types of Tokens


Native ZETA Token on ZetaChain

The native token of the ZetaChain is called ZETA. It is a staking token, and is used to pay for transaction fees. ZetaChain node is built with Cosmos SDK framework and the ZETA token is implemented as a sdk.Coin. ZETA is the user-friendly symbol for the token, and the on-chain denom is azeta.

1 ZETA = 10¹⁸ azeta.

To query for account balance you can use the Cosmos HTTP API balances endpoint:

"balances": [
"denom": "azeta",
"amount": "10000000000000000000"

To convert the value amount from azeta to ZETA, divide it by 10¹⁸. In the example above the balance is 10 ZETA.

Wrapped ZETA on ZetaChain

ZETA can exist on ZetaChain in a wrapped form as a WETH9 token. When wrapping a token (in this example, ZETA) it is locked in a smart contract and an equivalent amount of wrapped tokens (WZETA) is minted. The wrapped token is pegged 1:1 to the native token and can be redeemed for the native token at any time. WZETA is ERC-20 compatible, so it may be used or required by other dApps that are built to interface with ERC-20 tokens. WZETA is WZETA is primarily used in internal liquidity pools on ZetaChain paired with native gas tokens of connected blockchains (for example, sETH/WZETA pair).

To wrap native ZETA and turn it into WZETA, send it to or use the deposit method of the zetaToken contract on ZetaChain.

ZETA on Connected Blockchains

ZETA tokens on EVM-compatible connected blockchains (like Ethereum, Polygon and BSC) are implemented as ERC-20 tokens. You can find the contract addresses of the zetaToken on a connected blockchain on the contracts page.