This repository contains ZetaChain protocol contracts: Solidity source code, generated Go bindings, deployed contract addresses and helper utilities.

As a dApp developer, you can install the protocol contracts package into your project:

yarn add --dev @zetachain/protocol-contracts

Getting the TSS address on BSC testnet:

import { getAddress } from "@zetachain/protocol-contracts";
getAddress("tss", "zeta_testnet");

Getting a ZRC-20 BSC USDT on ZetaChain Mainnet Beta:

import { getAddress } from "@zetachain/protocol-contracts";
getAddress("zrc20", "zeta_mainnet", "USDT.BSC");

The third argument (symbol) is only used when querying ZRC-20 addresses to specify which token address is needed.

To view a table of all contracts visit the Contract Addresses (opens in a new tab) page in the docs.

Importing ZetaInterfaces (opens in a new tab) and ZetaInteractor for cross-chain messaging:

import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/evm/interfaces/ZetaInterfaces.sol";
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/evm/tools/ZetaInteractor.sol";

Importing ZRC20 (opens in a new tab) and the system contract (opens in a new tab) for omni-chain smart contracts:

import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/interfaces/IZRC20.sol";
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/interfaces/zContract.sol";
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/SystemContract.sol";

Before you can contribute to this project, you must have the following installed:

To compile the contracts, run the following command:

yarn compile

This will compile the Solidity contracts and output the resulting JSON artifacts to the artifacts directory.

To generate Go bindings for the Solidity contracts and fetch, run the following command:

yarn generate

This will use abigen to generate Go bindings for the contracts and output the resulting Go files to the pkg directory.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please fork the repository and submit a pull request. All contributions are welcome!