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Voting on a Proposal

Voting on a proposal is the final step in the governance process. After a proposal has been submitted and has met the minimum deposit requirement, it enters the voting period. During this period, network participants can cast their votes to approve or reject the proposal.

There are four voting options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • No with veto
  • Abstain

Before voting on a proposal, query the proposal to ensure it’s in the voting period.

zetacored q gov proposal 58 --node

To vote on a proposal, use the tx gov vote command. The command requires the proposal ID and the voting option.

zetacored tx gov vote 58 yes --from alice --node --chain-id athens_7001-1

After the transaction is successfully executed, you can query the proposal to confirm that your vote has been cast:

zetacored q gov votes 58 --node
  - metadata: ""
      - option: VOTE_OPTION_YES
        weight: "1.000000000000000000"
    proposal_id: "58"
    voter: zeta19nfaqu9wr0fktyyampva98ec025kjy0phww5um

After the voting is finished, you can query the proposal to view the final tally result:

zetacored q gov proposal 58 --node
  abstain_count: "21345"
  no_count: "453453"
  no_with_veto_count: "678"
  yes_count: "1230180973026531211265609"