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About ZetaChain
ZETA Token Utility
ZETA Token

ZETA Token

The total initial supply of ZETA is 2,100,000,000 (two billion, one hundred million). After approximately 4 years based on a set curve, the protocol will plan to initiate a target of ~2.5% yearly inflation based on the current circulating supply, providing a mechanism to sustain the network into the future. ZetaChain also has a governance model that allows for upgrades into additional monetary policy, among other network modifications, to further its goal of long-term sustainability and to adjust based on ecosystem needs.

ZETA’s Utility

ZETA is used as gas for ZetaChain’s omnichain smart contracts layer and internal transactions. With transactions like EIP 1559, some ZETA is burned over time.

ZETA is used in core pools that the protocol uses to exchange for external ZRC-20 gas assets to pay for and write outbound transactions to external chains.

ZETA is used as a cross-chain intermediary asset through messaging. When a cross-chain message is sent, a dApp/user attaches ZETA in his message to represent value and to pay for all gas and transaction fees in a single bundle. ZETA is also exchanged on the core pools to pay for outbound gas.

ZETA is core to securing the PoS blockchain. Validators stake and users may delegate ZETA to validators, earning block emissions.

ZETA is used for voting in governance proposals (network, policy upgrades, etc.).