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Faucet: Get testnet ZETA

ZETA is a token used to deploy and call smart contracts on ZetaChain, and to transact data and value across chains (through messaging). For ZetaChain's testnet network, they use the same ZETA that lives on connected testnet networks. With ZetaChain's mainnet launch, ZETA will be traded and transacted across all connected chains.

You can view the addresses on respective chains here. Check out Omnichain Smart Contacts for more information about developing smart contracts on ZetaChain, where ZETA is used for gas fees. Check out the Connector docs for information on how to send ZETA as well as any data or value via ZetaChain.

Please note that testnet ZETA has no monetary value and is solely intended for testing and development purposes. Therefore, if you're not a developer, there's no need for you to acquire testnet ZETA.

To obtain testnet ZETA for development purposes, please follow the instructions provided below.

Using the ZetaChain CLI faucet

The easiest way to get testnet ZETA is to use the ZetaChain CLI faucet. You can install the CLI by following the instructions (you may need sudo priveleges):

npm install -g @zetachain/faucet-cli

Once installed, you can use the faucet to get ZETA tokens on ZetaChain:

zetafaucet --drip --address 0x4bB9089ee3B86e97b171838205483362966f9dE8

You will be prompted to authenticate with your GitHub account to use the faucet.

Please note that using this faucet you can get only ZETA tokens on ZetaChain. If you want to transfer ZETA tokens between connected chain or to/from ZetaChain, use the built-in send-zeta command.

If you need gas assets on connected chains (like Bitcoin, Sepolia, Mumbai or BSC testnet), you can use the other faucets listed below.

Swapping Native Gas Assets for ZETA

If you already have some native gas assets on the respective testnet networks, you can swap them for ZETA tokens using Uniswap on Sepolia and Mumbai and Pancake Swap on BSC testnet.

For example, to swap sETH for ZETA do the following:

  • Go to Uniswap (opens in a new tab)
  • Press "Connect" to connect your wallet
  • Switch to the Sepolia testnet in your wallet (please, make sure you're on the testnet network before proceeding)
  • Select ETH as the input token
  • Press "Select token"
  • Add ZETA token by pasting the zetaToken contract address from the testnet addresses page into the input field
  • Enter amount and press "Swap"


Optionally, import zetaToken contract address into your wallet to see your ZETA balance.

After receiving ZETA tokens on Sepolia, you can either switch to another testnet network (like Mumbai or BSC testnet) to swap ZETA there, or use the built-in send-zeta command to transfer ZETA between connected networks.

Using a Hardhat template

If you're using a Hardhat template (opens in a new tab), you can get ZETA tokens by running the following command:

npx hardhat faucet

Under the hood this command uses the ZetaChain CLI faucet.

Using the Faucet on Discord

You can also get testnet ZETA on the ZetaChain Discord server (opens in a new tab). To do so, please follow the instructions provided in the #zeta-faucet-athens-3 channel.

Third-party ZETA Faucets

If you need more gas assets for the respective testnet networks to transact with, you can try the following faucets: