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Ping Pub Explorer
Delegating to a Validator

Ping Pub is a block explorer for Cosmos based blockchains. Ping Pub features a dashboard that allows you to participate in governance, delegate tokens to validators, withdraw staking rewards and more. (opens in a new tab)

Ping Pub - Dashboard

Press the wallet icon in the top right corner to connect your wallet. Ping Pub supports Keplr, Leap and MetaMask as well as Ledger. Select the wallet you want and press "Connect".

Note that there are currently issues when trying to use Ping Pub with MetaMask. Please, use Keplr or Leap for now, instead.

Ping Pub - Connect Wallet

Switch to the "Staking" tab and you will see a list of validators with information about their commission and voting power. Choose a validator you want and click on the validator's name.

Ping Pub - Staking

On the validator details page you can see more information about the validator, including their jailed status, self bonded amount, addresses, website and more. Press "Delegate" to delegate tokens to the validator.

A popup will appear where you can enter the amount of tokens you want to delegate. Note that the amount is in azeta. So if you want to delegate 1 ZETA, you need to enter 1000000000000000000. Press "Send" to continue.

Ping Pub - Delegate

Confirm the transaction in your wallet (in this example we're using Keplr) by pressing "Approve".

Ping Pub - Approve

The transaction will be sent to the blockchain and you will see a confirmation message once it’s included in a block.

Ping Pub - Confirmation

Click "View transaction" to see the transaction details.

Ping Pub - Transaction

You can now go back to the dashboard and see your delegation.