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Enroll in Zeta XP

Zeta XP is ZetaHub’s way to track your activity on the app. To participate in the XP program and be able to earn XP for your ZetaHub actions, you will have to first enroll. There are two ways to do so:

Enroll: When you enter the Earn XP page, you will see an onboarding screen. From there, you will be prompted to enroll. Just enrolling in XP will boost you 1000 XP to start!

XP Dashboard

Accept Invite: Another way to enroll in XP is to accept an invite from an existing user of Zeta XP. If you receive an invite link from a friend (please ensure the link is the real (opens in a new tab) domain), you will be able to earn double the XP (2000 XP!) for accepting the invite and enrolling.

Accept Invite - Confirm

Accepting an invite without ZETA balance: If you try to accept an invite without an existing ZETA balance, you will have to get a small amount before you’re able to accept and enroll in XP. The window will direct you to a modal which will direct you to sources you can you can get ZETA from.

Accept Invite - Get ZETA