Run a Node
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Technical Requirements

These are the recommended specs for a ZetaChain node.

Node TypeCPUMemoryData Disk
Core Validator4 CPUs16 GB Memory300+ GB Data Disk
Full Node4 CPUs12 GB Memory300+ GB Data Disk
Archive4 CPUs12 GB Memory3+ TB Data Disk

It is recommended to run validators on a machine with NVMe SSDs that support high IOPS (12K or higher) to avoid falling behind and getting the validator jailed.

Public Ports

ZetaChain nodes communicate over the following ports. Make sure these are open to the public internet.

Node TypePortProtocol
Full Node and Validator26656TCP

RPC/API/Archive Nodes

If you want to access RPC/API services on your node you'll need to make sure the following ports are open.

RPC TypePortProtocol
Cosmos RPC1317TCP

Operating System

ZetaChain nodes have been developed and tested on x86_64 architecture. Our binary files have been compiled with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS x86_64. This guide assumes you are using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS x86_64. If you are using a different OS you may need to make some adjustments.