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ZetaChain's CLI
Querying Balances

This tutorial requires zetacored CLI to be installed. Please, check out the docs on installing the CLI.

To query accounts balances for the alice account, run the following command:

zetacored q bank balances $(zetacored keys show alice -a) --node

Provide a valid node RPC URL with the --node flag. You can use one of the available RPCs listed in the docs labeled "Tendermint RPC". Please, note that you need to specify the port number in the URL. If the protocol scheme is https://, the port is 443, unless specified otherwise.

  - amount: "11345716912473012386685"
    denom: azeta

The amount is in azeta units, which is the smallest unit. To convert it to ZETA, divide it by 10¹⁸. In the example above, the balance is approximately 11345 ZETA.