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Pyth Network (opens in a new tab) is a price oracle that provides a high-frequency, low-latency price feed for a wide range of assets. It is designed to be used by high-frequency trading systems and other applications that require a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Pyth is deployed on ZetaChain and provides price feeds for a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and equity.

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Pyth Network is a permissionless system, meaning that anyone can submit prices to the oracle. The system uses a decentralized consensus mechanism to ensure that the prices are accurate and reliable.

The ZetaChain contributor team runs a Pyth scheduler that submits prices to the Pyth oracle. The scheduler regularly updates the prices of assets on the oracle, ensuring that the price feeds are accurate and up-to-date.

ZetaChain's Pyth scheduler is provided as a public service to the community to enhance the developer experience and make it easier to test out dapps. If you're building a production level dapp, you should consider running your own scheduler. Learn more in the Pyth's docs (opens in a new tab).

Currently supported assets: BTC, BNB, MATIC, ETH, USDC, ZETA, USDT.

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Pyth Entropy (opens in a new tab) allows developers to quickly and easily generate secure random numbers on the blockchain. Entropy's rapid response time allows developers to build applications such as NFT mints and games with responsive UX. Entropy also provides strong security guarantees to ensure that both users and application developers can trust that the results are random.

Pyth Entropy is currently available on Zetachain. Learn more (opens in a new tab) on how to generate a random number through Entropy.

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Create your first Entropy-powered app through this example (opens in a new tab).