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Delegate/Stake ZETA

You will be able to view a list of all potential validators on the Stake page, as well as details like their voting power, commission, and uptime.


Once you have selected a validator to delegate ZETA to, you’ll need to ensure you have a sufficient balance of ZETA on the ZetaChain network. Once you get more assets and send them to ZetaChain, or you send your existing ZETA from another network to the ZetaChain network, you’re ready to start staking. Follow ZetaHub’s step-by-step flow to delegate your assets to your validator of choice.

Once you’ve delegated your ZETA, you’ll be able to view all previous delegations in the right hand sidebar. You can also see and claim the rewards you’ve accumulated by clicking “Claim rewards” on a delegation card, or the “Claim all rewards” button at the bottom of the sidebar.


If you decide to undelegate your ZETA, you can head to the “Undelegate” tab within a validator’s page and input the amount of ZETA (and associated rewards) you’d like to take out. Note that you will have to wait 21 days before ZETA is liquid upon withdrawal.


The Redelegate tab is for if you’d like to take out ZETA delegated to one validator and easily delegate it to another validator of your choice. Select the desired new validator and start the delegation process as normal.