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Text Proposal

Text proposal is a form of governance action that is submitted for consideration, discussion, and voting. Unlike upgrade or parameter change proposals, which directly modify the network's operation or protocol settings, a text proposal does not have a direct effect on the blockchain's protocol. Instead, it serves as a formal way to propose ideas, guidelines, intentions, or recommendations that require community consensus before moving forward with implementation or further action.

Create a proposal JSON file:

  "messages": [
      "@type": "/",
      "authority": "zeta10d07y265gmmuvt4z0w9aw880jnsr700jvxasvr",
      "content": {
        "@type": "/",
        "title": "Important Proposal",
        "description": "Description of the proposal"
  "deposit": "1000000azeta",
  "metadata": ""

The proposal file contains an array of messages, a metadata URL, and a deposit amount.

messages is an array of messages to be included in the proposal. As v1 of the governance module does not have a dedicated message type for text proposals, the messages can be empty. For compatibility with some explorers, however, we will use the MsgExecLegacyContent message type to wrap /

The authority field specifies the address of the entity executing the proposal. Use the governance module address as the authority.

The content field contains the details of the proposal, including the title and description.

deposit specifies the amount of tokens to be deposited with the proposal. If the deposit amount is less than the minimum required deposit amount, the proposal will enter the "deposit period" and will wait for required amount of tokens to be deposited within the "max deposit period". Providing the min deposit with the proposal will skip the deposit period and directly enter the voting period.

metadata: A URL pointing to a JSON file containing the details of the proposal.

Text proposals play an important role in decentralized decision-making processes, allowing for a structured and democratic approach to proposing and deliberating on the future direction of a blockchain network.