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Earn Zeta XP

Zeta XP is ZetaHub’s way to track your activity on the app. You can earn Zeta XP through completing activities both in ZetaHub (e.g., inviting friends to Hub, contributing to a core Pool) and through active participation with ZetaChain apps.

XP Page

Visit the “Activities” section within the “Earn XP” page in ZetaHub to see what activities are available for earning XP and how much you an earn from completing them. After performing an activity, you can “Claim” the XP for completing that activity, which will add that XP to your XP balance. When an activity is featured, you’ll be able to earn double the XP for completing it.

XP Activities

Activities will reset every week, and new ones will be added over time, so keep checking in to explore more ways to earn. There is a weekly countdown in the activities section where you can check the number of days before activities refresh.

XP Dashboard

Within your XP dashboard, you will see your current XP level. Levels are a way for you to track your own progress. Keep earning XP to advance to the next level. To see how much XP you’ll need to advance to the next level, hover over the diamond-shaped icons in your user XP card. As you increase in level, you will unlock new badges you can share to social!

As you earn more XP, you can also watch yourself move up the Global Leaderboard, on the right hand side. Leaderboard status is based on XP accumulated. Compete with other users to climb to the top!

XP Leaderboard