Staking Rewards

ZetaChain is a delegated proof of stake blockchain. Holders of ZETA tokens can stake their tokens by delegating to validators. Staking tokens allows holders to participate in governance and earn rewards for securing the network. ZetaChain uses the standard Cosmos SDK staking (opens in a new tab), distribution (opens in a new tab), and slashing (opens in a new tab) modules.

Currently, staking rewards are comprised of transaction fees collected each block and fixed rewards coming from the emissions pool.

StakingRewards=TransactionFees+EmissionsPoolNumberOfBlocksPerYear×4×ValidatorRewardsPercentageStakingRewards = TransactionFees + {EmissionsPool \over NumberOfBlocksPerYear × 4} × ValidatorRewardsPercentage

Emissions pool address: zeta1w43fn2ze2wyhu5hfmegr6vp52c3dgn0srdgymy (opens in a new tab)

You can find the emissions pool balance by querying the API: (opens in a new tab)

  • The emission pool is currently funded manually
  • Currently, there is no inflation in the network

Learn more about the tokenomics in the ZETA Token Utility section of the docs.