Send Assets

Send Assets

The Send page allows you to move your assets in and out of the ZetaChain network. You can send your ZETA, as well as other ZRC-20 assets to and from different chains within your own wallet, or send to an external address!

First, make sure your wallet is connected. From there, select the desired asset and input the amount you’d like to move, then select the networks you’d like to move assets to and from. You may have to switch networks in your wallet to continue with the transaction.

Once you’re ready to send, you’ll be able to review your send amount, the associated fees associated with this transaction, and the amount you will end up receiving after network fees are deducted.


All send transactions will be within your own wallet, unless you choose to send out to a custom address. If you choose to send assets externally, you can click the green wallet address icon, and a custom address field will appear, where you will be able to enter the recipient’s address.

Send BTC

If you choose to deposit Bitcoin, you will have to have XDEFI wallet installed. When you select Bitcoin in the “from” network selector, you will be prompted to login to XDEFI. If you don’t have an account with XDEFI, you will have to create one first.

XDEFI Wallet login

Once logged in and once you have a positive balance, you will be able to complete the transaction.