Building Universal Apps

Explore the basics of developing on ZetaChain

Universal EVM

EVM enhanced with omnichain interoperability features, enabling the development of robust universal apps

Work with Us

Work with Us

Join an amazing, global team of passionate builders.

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Step-by-step guides to help you master building on ZetaChain.

Apps & Services

Discover useful developer-focused applications and services to enhance your development process on ZetaChain.

Working with Tokens

Overview of the different types of tokens available on ZetaChain and connected blockchains, and how to work with them.


Take an in-depth look into the inner workings and technical architecture of the ZetaChain protocol.


Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty

Get rewarded as a researcher, developer, or user who helped identify and report security vulnerabilities.

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Get the help from a supportive, active and growing community

Developer Community

Developer Community

Builders, Validators and more

Get the help you need when you need it, from a supportive, active and growing developer community.

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Global Community

Global Community

Community-led regional support

Get connected with our official channels and active global community of supportive builders within the ZetaChain Ecosystem.

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