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About ZetaChain
ZETA Token Utility
Gas Fees

Gas Fees

ZETA is used for gas fees for zEVM, Omnichain Smart Contract features, and for Cross-Chain Messaging. Fees are distributed to the validator set proportionally to ZETA staked, and in the future, would be targeted to distribute across various network participants.

At a high level, fees are bundled for users of ZetaChain dApps, whether they use cross-chain messaging and/or smart contracts. These fees are distributed to parties providing value to the network in the form of creating transactions, securing the network, or other direct protocol contributions. The majority of fees will go to Validators, becoming a core incentive/reward for contributions to the network. The network may upgrade to allow a portion of gas fees to be distributed to a community or developer-kickback pool.

Omnichain Gas Fees

You can learn more about Omnichain Smart Contract and zEVM gas fees here.

Cross-Chain Messaging Gas Fees

You can learn more about Cross-Chain-Messaging gas fees here.