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ZetaChain's CLI
Submit a Proposal

Every proposal links to a metadata JSON file that contains proposal details, such as title, summary and a list of authors. The metadata file can be uploaded to IPFS or on the web. It is recommended that the metadata file contains the following fields:

  "title": "Important Proposal",
  "details": "Description of the proposal",
  "summary": "A short summary of the proposal",
  "authors": "ZetaChain Community",
  "proposal_forum_url": ""

After you've created a proposal.json and published metadata.json you can submit the proposal:

zetacored tx gov submit-proposal proposal.json --from alice --node --chain-id athens_7001-1

Some proposals (notably, software upgrades) may require higher amount of gas. You can specify the gas amount using the gas flag: --gas 400000.

Confirm the transaction and wait for a transaction hash to be returned:

txhash: C2133A95F0FDD76D618DFA70F2701E7DB6AE863C547D963E5B42B921DE3DD262

After a block is finalized (typically, 5-7 seconds), you can check that the transaction has been successfully executed:

zetacored q tx C2133A95F0FDD76D618DFA70F2701E7DB6AE863C547D963E5B42B921DE3DD262 --node

If the output contains code: 0 the proposal has been successfully submitted. In the output you can also find the proposal ID, which you can use to query the proposal details.