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Envio is a cutting-edge, real-time indexer designed for EVM-compatible blockchains. It offers developers a seamless and efficient solution for indexing blockchain data. With features such as automatic code generation and flexible language support, Envio enhances the user experience and streamlines the development process. Indexers on Envio can be written in JavaScript, TypeScript, or ReScript.

Envio simplifies the process of indexing blockchain data, providing rapid syncing speeds and an easy setup process. Comprehensive logging and error messaging are included to facilitate effective troubleshooting and debugging.

  • Automatic Code Generation: Save time with automated code creation.
  • Flexible Language Support: Write indexers in JavaScript, TypeScript, or ReScript.
  • Fast Syncing: Experience rapid data synchronization.
  • Simplified Setup: Get started quickly with minimal configuration.
  • Detailed Logging: Debug effectively with thorough logs and error messages.