Universal EVM
Connector Contract

The connector contract enables contracts to send messages of arbitrary data and ZETA tokens between smart contract-enabled connected chains.

NetworkConnector contract address
Mainnet Beta0x239e96c8f17C85c30100AC26F635Ea15f23E9c67

To create a contract that uses ZetaChain's connector, use:

  • connector.send to send a message
  • implement a onZetaMessage function to handle incoming messages
  • implement a onZetaRevert function to handle reverted messages

You can find in-depth tutorials on how to use connector to send messages in the "Tutorials" section of the docs:

Please, note that the connector API is separate from the onCrossChainCall functionality.

A universal app must implement onCrossChainCall, but it may also use the connector API to send and receive messages to and from ZetaChain's Universal EVM.

  • When sending messages to ZetaChain or native gas or supported ERC-20 tokens, use onCrossChainCall.
  • When sending messages from ZetaChain or transferring ZETA, use the connector.