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Option 1: State-Sync

Syncing a Node Using State-Sync


This guide assumes you've completed the "Setting Up Your Node" step.

Follow this guide to setup a RPC node using state-sync. This guide was created and tested in MacOS and may need to be modified slightly for your local system.

State-sync nodes

NetworkState Sync Server IP
Mainnet Beta35.224.53.42

Don't forget to replace the state sync server IP address for the network you're setting a node for (mainnet beta or testnet).

Fetch the latest height:

curl -s | jq -r '.result.block.header.height'


Next, subtract 40000 from the latest height to get the trust_height: 1928420.

Fetch the trust hash:

curl -s "" | jq -r '.result.block_id.hash'


Enable state-sync, add RPC servers (choose the right IP from the table above for testnet or mainnet beta) and set the correct values for trust height and hash:

enable = "true"
rpc_servers = ","
trust_height = "1928420"
trust_hash = "CE9E5908B9B319C6F48AC68044F4ECA53DFF7D78EABEC979EF5CF5061B315ABA"

Alternative Options