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Cross-Chain Messaging Fees

A user (wallet, contract) must pay fees in order to send data and value across chains through ZetaChain. A user pays for fees by sending ZETA (and message data) on a connected chain to a Connector contract. This ZETA is used to pay validators/stakers/ecosystem pools, as well as for paying the gas on the destination. To a user, this is all bundled into a single transaction.

Variable fees based on data size/storage

Network fees have a component based on the size of the message size (bytes) that a user is trying to send across chains. As an example:

This throttles the volume of data that a user would be able to send while being economically sound. Sending very complex data would cost more. This mechanism will transition into a variable fee market with further development, similarly to how Smart Contract Fees work.

Base Fee

ZetaChain includes a base flat fee of (example) 0.01 ZETA for any transactions, cross-chain messaging transactions or smart contracts. This base fee is adjustable by the network as needed to deal with network traffic and congestion, and is burned.