ZetaScan is a blockchain explorer maintained by the ZetaChain team. You can view recent ZetaChain transactions and track the status of cross-chain transactions end-to-end. Check it out: (opens in a new tab).


Verifying Smart Contracts

ZetaScan allows you to verify the source code of deployed smart contracts and interact with them directly from the explorer.

To verify a smart contract, navigate to the contract's page and click the "Verify & Publish" button. You will need to provide the contract's source code and metadata file.

Let's compile, deploy and verify one of the example contracts as an example.

Clone the example contracts repository and navigate to the withdraw contract:

git clone
cd example-contracts/withdraw

Install the dependencies:


Clear the cache and artifacts, then compile the contract:

npx hardhat compile --force

Create a wallet:

npx hardhat account --save

Request testnet ZETA tokens:

npx hardhat faucet

Deploy the compiled contract to ZetaChain's testnet:

npx hardhat deploy --network zeta_testnet

Follow the link in the output to view the contract on ZetaScan. Please, note that it may take a few minutes for the contract to appear on ZetaScan.

Contract on ZetaScan

Click the "Verify & Publish" button. You will need to provide the contract's source code and metadata file.

The source code of the contract is contained in the contracts/Withdraw.sol file. Drag the file into the drop zone in ZetaScan.

The metadata is contained in the artifacts/build-info directory. Drag the JSON file into the drop zone in ZetaScan as well.

Source code and metadata on ZetaScan

After both the source code and metadata have been uploaded, click the "Verify & Publish" button. If your contract imports other contracts, you may see a pop-up window asking you to select which contract you want to verify.

Source code and metadata on ZetaScan

Select "Withdraw" and click "Verify again".

Verified on ZetaScan

Congratulations! Your contract is now verified on ZetaScan. You can now interact with it directly from the explorer.

Want to see more?

If you'd like to see more features supported on ZetaScan or if you're interested in building an app that could use API access to the explorer data, reach out to our team on Discord (opens in a new tab).