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Setting up Cosmovisor

Setting up Cosmovisor

Installing Cosmovisor

go install[email protected]
mv $GOPATH/bin/cosmovisor /usr/local/bin/cosmovisor

Download Cosmovisor Binary

Download the Binary for your system architecture from the following links and place it in your $PATH amd64: arm64:

This example assumes you are using amd64 architecture. If you are using arm64 replace amd64 with arm64 in the commands below.

mv cosmovisor-amd64 /usr/local/bin/cosmovisor

Setting up Cosmovisor

Create cosmovisor Directories

mkdir -p ~/.zetacored/config
mkdir -p ~/.zetacored/cosmovisor/genesis/bin
mkdir -p ~/.zetacored/cosmovisor/upgrades

Setup cosmovisor systemd service

In this example we'll run Cosmovisor as a systemd service. You can also run it as a docker container or as a standalone process. The environment variables are explained in the Environment Variables section at the end of this document.

Create a file at /etc/systemd/system/cosmovisor.service with the following contents. Make sure to change the User and /home/zetachain/ fields to the user you want to run the service as.

Description=cosmovisor ZetaChain Service
ExecStart=cosmovisor start --home /home/zetachain/.zetacored/ --log_format json --moniker <YOUR_NODE_NAME_HERE>

Install the zetacored Binary

Download zetacored Binary

Download the latest zetacored binary for your system architecture from the following links and place it in the cosmovisor/genesis/bin/ directory. This example assumes you are using ubuntu 22 on amd64 architecture. You may need to make adjustments for your system.

mv zetacored-ubuntu-22-amd64 ~/.zetacored/cosmovisor/genesis/bin/zetacored
chmod +x ~/.zetacored/cosmovisor/genesis/bin/zetacored

Install ZetaChain Configuration Files

ZetaChain configuration files for the Athens3 Testnet can be downloaded from the Athens3 Github Repo

Install them as follows:

git clone
cp network-athens3/network_files/config/* ~/.zetacored/config/

Starting Cosmovisor

State Sync

You may choose to sync the state of your node from a snapshot. This will speed up the time it takes to sync your node. Instructions for syncing from a snapshot can be found here.

Start the cosmovisor Service

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable cosmovisor
sudo systemctl start cosmovisor

Check the cosmovisor Service Status

sudo systemctl status cosmovisor

Check the cosmovisor Logs

journalctl -u cosmovisor -f


In a production environment we recommend monitoring the node resources (CPU load, Memory Usage, Disk usage and Disk IO) for any performance degradation.

ZetaChain Core generates a log that can be monitored for errors and used for troubleshooting. If you install Zetacore as a Systemd service using the instructions above you can view this log with journalctl -o cat -f -u zetacored.

Prometheus can be enabled to serve metrics which can be consumed by Prometheus collector(s). Telemetry include Prometheus metrics can be enabled in the app.toml file. See the CosmosSDK Telemetry Documentation for more information.

See more about your Validator Monitoring here.

More Information About Cosmovisor

For more detailed information about Cosmosvisor you can visit the Cosmos Documentation Here