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Omnichain Contracts
Gas Fees


When interacting with smart contracts on ZetaChain, users need to include a fee spent on gas for that specific transaction.

Smart contracts, both during deployment and when called, require gas. You can interact with a zEVM (ZetaChain Virtual Machine) contract from an external chain using a ZRC-20 deposit. This can include embedding a contract call within the message. Alternatively, you can directly connect to ZetaChain and interact with a contract that is already deployed on zEVM.

The gas market mechanism for ZetaEVM smart contracts is similar to that of Ethermint and behaves like Ethereum's EIP 1559 gas fee structure. This system is designed to deter spamming activities on the network.

Omnichain Contract Fees


When depositing tokens to ZetaChain by sending them to the TSS (Threshold Signature Scheme) address on a connected chain, you will pay the fee in the native gas token of that chain, just as you would for a standard transaction.

For example, if you are depositing ETH from Ethereum to ZetaChain, the fee will be in ETH and comparable to a regular token transfer on the Ethereum network. For more information on Ethereum gas and fees, refer to the official documentation.


When withdrawing ZRC-20 tokens back to a connected external chain, the "withdraw gas fee" is applicable (listed as "Total fee" in the table below).

To find out the fee amount, call the withdrawGasFee function on the ZRC-20 contract for the token you wish to withdraw. This function will return the fee in the native gas token of the connected chain.

The withdraw function will deduct this gas fee from your ZRC-20 balance and proceed with the withdrawal to the destination chain.

Current omnichain fees

In the table below you can see the current fees. The fees are defined in native gas tokens on the destination chain (the chain to which ZRC-20 tokens are withdrawn). The fees are calculated with the gas limit of 500000.


To calculate fees for a different gas limit, please, check out the fees command in the smart-contract template:

npx hardhat fees