Option 3: KSYNC

Syncing a Node Using KYVE's KSYNC

The following doc covers a step by step guide on how to sync a ZetaChain Mainnet Beta node with KSYNC.

KSYNC is a tool capable of syncing blocks and state-sync snapshots from the decentralized KYVE data lake directly into Cosmos blockchain nodes. With KSYNC Cosmos validators don't need to wait for peers in order to block-sync and they don't need to search for trusted app hashes if they want to state-sync. Furthermore, state-syncing to historical heights up to genesis are possible.

More information about KSYNC can be found here: (opens in a new tab)

Install KSYNC

Install the latest KSYNC:

go install

Verify the installation:

ksync version

Configure the Node

And change the following config in the config.toml file:

db_backend = "goleveldb"

Changing the db_backend to the default goleveldb is required for now, since KSYNC does not yet support the pebbledb from ZetaChain’s dependency (opens in a new tab).

Sync the Node

ksync state-sync --binary="/path/to/zetacored" --chain-id=kaon-1 --snapshot-pool-id=11