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ZetaChain is an EVM-compatible Cosmos SDK-based blockchain that features interoperability with Bitcoin. This means that many EVM and Cosmos wallets can be used to sign transactions and interact with ZetaChain.

To interact with ZetaChain from connected chains, and to interact with Zetachain directly, we recommend using an EVM wallet.

EVM Wallets

We suggest the following wallets (although there are plenty of alternatives!):

To add ZetaChain to your wallet, use the information on the Networks Details page.

Bitcoin Wallets

In order to interact with ZetaChain from Bitcoin, you'll need a wallet that meets certain criteria. You can learn more about it in the Bitcoin section of the docs.

XDEFI Wallet is a popular wallet that will meet those criteria and you will be able to use it to interact with ZetaChain.

To test ZetaChain's interoperability with Bitcoin, you can use the npx hardhat send-btc available in the smart contract template. Learn more about it in the Staking.

Cosmos Wallets

Cosmos wallets can be used to transfer native tokens on ZetaChain. They can also be used to sign ZetaChain's EVM transactions if the dapp is configured to use a Cosmos wallet. We recommend using a Cosmos wallet if you're interacting with the Cosmos side of ZetaChain: native token transfers, governance, groups, staking tokens, authz.


Keplr is a popular extension and mobile wallet for Cosmos-based chains. It can be used to interact with ZetaChain.

Add ZetaChain to the Keplr browser extension:


Leap is an extension and mobile wallet for Cosmos-based chains. Leap lets users view balances, transaction history, send tokens between accounts, view and vote on governance proposals, view delegations, and delegate to validators.

Add ZetaChain to the Leap browser extension:

Address converter

ZetaChain is both a Cosmos chain and an EVM chain, so it's useful to be able to convert between a bech32 address (zeta***, used by Cosmos) and a hex address (0x***, used by EVM). You can use the address converter below to convert between the two formats.

Converted address: