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ZetaChain is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place.

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One entry point into all of crypto

The crypto industry is rapidly innovating, growing, and expanding. New blockchains, and layers on top of those blockchains, pop up every day, making the industry more and more complicated for both developers and users.

Apps built on ZetaChain connect to anything in the crypto ecosystem, giving you simple, seamless, and secure access to all of crypto, as if it were all in a single place.

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Future-proof your applications

For app developers, choosing a blockchain ecosystem can feel daunting. With ZetaChain, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have access to any blockchain. With Omnichain Smart Contracts, you can deploy your code once and future-proof your applications.

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Simplified access for consumers

Access and interact with all of your assets, data, and the web3 ecosystem without needing to manage multiple wallets.

One-stop shop for developers

ZetaChain enables devs to build and deploy apps that work across all chains, from a single place.

Minimized risk for your assets

With ZetaChain, funds in motion have minimized attack surface, and funds at rest are never at risk.

Built for interoperability

ZetaChain is the only public, decentralized blockchain and smart contract platform that enables message passing and value transfer between any blockchain. Our omnichain smart contracts give the power of programmability to non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. No other blockchain enables fully interoperable smart contracts like we do.

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Particle Network now supports social logins and account abstraction for ZetaChain dApps

The Particle Network partnership brings a simple onboarding and transaction experience to ZetaChain dApps. Stay tuned for an exclusive NFT campaign to earn Particle points!


ZetaChain partners with StackUp to unlock 150,000 web3 devs building the omnichain future

We are building a new interoperability standard with omnichain dapps that connect to any chain, including Bitcoin, and we want you to learn and earn at the same time — sign up now!


ZetaChain scales infrastructure for Omnichain dApp builders

ZetaChain brings on new major infrastructure services and providers, and introduces client-side applications to make omnichain dApp building as easy as ever.


Bitget Wallet activates 12 million users for ZetaChain ecosystem testing

Today, Bitget Wallet debuts their all new Task2Get platform on ZetaChain, marking our second incentivized Zeta App partner campaign after the ongoing OKX Cryptopedia.


Sushi partners with ZetaChain for first native BTC support

Sushi’s Omnichain DEX on ZetaChain will let you swap Bitcoin and any other asset in a single step without wrapping or bridging.


Omnichain October: ZetaChain Ecosystem passes 150 dApps with major global event appearances

October saw ZetaChain pass 150 dApps deployed on testnet, including integrations across wallets, infrastructure and social partners.


Pyth Network’s price feed oracle comes to ZetaChain for Omnichain dApp builders

More than 350 low-latency price feeds are now available for ZetaChain developers building the next generation of omnichain DeFi projects.

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Explore ZetaChain's large and growing ecosystem of diverse apps and partners across DeFi, Infrastructure, Wallets, Social, and beyond. See who is building with ZetaChain towards the future of connected crypto.

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ZetaChain is both a layer 1 (L1) blockchain and a smart contract platform with built-in connectivity to all blockchains and layers. It is the only public blockchain with smart contracts that can manage assets, data, & liquidity on any chain, even ones that don’t have native smart contract capabilities, like Bitcoin.

Crypto is a rapidly expanding industry. New blockchains and layers are created every day for specific use cases: to improve speed, flexibility, and transaction costs for new applications across DeFi, gaming, social, and many more.

This innovation is exciting, but it also creates fragmentation in the industry for both developers and users. Setting up new wallets, switching networks, and bridging between blockchains and layers is complicated and often rife with security risks.

ZetaChain creates the best of both worlds: it allows innovation in crypto to continue while giving users and developers a simple and secure point of access to every blockchain ecosystem.

ZetaChain acts as a gateway for developers and users: we can connect all of the best new blockchains and layers while bringing advanced smart contract functionality to trusted chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

You can think of ZetaChain as not only an L1 blockchain, but also a functional layer that connects all other blockchains.

What goes on behind the scenes:

  • Nodes: Our network nodes observe events (e.g., sending a payment) on external chains, reach consensus on them, and sign off to any connected chain.
  • Omnichain smart contracts: Our omnichain smart contracts read these events from and process them out to external chains. These smart contracts are a single source of truth that maintain the state of assets and data across all connected chains.
  • Chain-agnostic message passing: Existing smart contracts send data and value across chains and layers with a simple function call.

ZetaChain uses a simpler and more robust trust model, where only our network is trusted to deliver data/value, vs. a third-party. On our decentralized proof-of-stake network, no single node has knowledge of any private key. ZetaChain can sign and hold assets natively, and funds at rest are never at risk. Since we use ZETA as an intermediary token in the process of sending assets, attack surface is minimized, drastically reducing security risk for users.

ZetaChain is truly chain-agnostic and can connect all blockchains and layers, from Ethereum mainnet, L2s and OP Stack chains like Base, to Cosmos chains, and beyond. It even supports non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, giving these chains smart contract capabilities that were never before possible.

No other blockchain enables fully interoperable smart contracts and chain-agnostic odApps (omnichain decentralized apps). Because of this, ZetaChain has the unique capability of seamlessly and reliably enabling countless use cases across the entire crypto ecosystem.

We see the future of web3 as a connected one, where developers can build and leverage the power of many networks seamlessly, and users will no longer have to worry about switching or bridging between them. ZetaChain will be an invisible force powering a seamless user experience for all. No more complex jargon and frustrating UX for users - they’ll have one place to access all of their assets and data, and can roam the crypto world smoothly and safely.

Going forward, we see ZetaChain powering an entire ecosystem of odApps across industries: Social, Fashion, Defi - the sky is the limit! This could look like: gamers being able to access their accounts and in-game items from anywhere in the crypto ecosystem, owning and transferring NFTs to and from chains, or sending and receiving payments to and from any wallet, regardless of chain. The possibilities are endless.

Yes! We are a global, mission-driven team excited about the omnichain future. If you’re interested in building with us, check out our open jobs here.

Check out our more technical FAQs here and glossary here.