Setting Up a Node

Setting Up a Node

In this guide we will be setting up a ZetaChain Mainnet Beta node. For a testnet node, follow the same instructions, but replace some values (like chain ID and seed nodes) with the ones provided in corresponding tables.

Install the ZetaChain Node Binary

First, download the binary and give it executable permissions. Make sure to replace the VERSION with the latest version passed in a governance software upgrade proposal and the platform (-darwin-amd64) with the one you need.

wget -O /usr/local/bin/zetacored

chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/zetacored

Check out the GitHub for more information on releases (opens in a new tab).

Check that you have the correct version of zetacored installed:

zetacored version

Initialize the Data Directory

NetworkChain ID
Mainnet Betazetachain_7000-1
zetacored init MONIKER --chain-id zetachain_7000-1

Replace MONIKER with a name for your node. By default the node will be initialized in $HOME/.zetacored, but you can customize this with the --home flag.

Fetch Config Files

NetworkConfig Files
Mainnet Beta (opens in a new tab)
Testnet (opens in a new tab)

Fetch and save config files in the data directory:

wget -O ~/.zetacored/config/genesis.json
wget -O ~/.zetacored/config/client.toml
wget -O ~/.zetacored/config/config.toml
wget -O ~/.zetacored/config/app.toml

Modify the Config Files

Even though the config files you fetched in the previous step already contain all the required values common for all nodes, you will need to make some adjustments specific to your node.

If your machine has an external IPv4 address you can get it by running the command in your terminal:

curl -4

If you have an IPv6 address, you can use that as an external address.

Replace the moniker and external address with correct values.

moniker = "MONIKER"

external_address = ""

Your node has been configured. Next, choose one of the options to sync your node with the network.