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Cross-Chain Messaging
Cross-Chain NFT

Build a cross-chain NFT

An NFT collection with cross-chain transfer capabilities using Zeta Connector.

Cross-chain NFT transfer

To create a cross-chain NFT collection you will need to deploy NFT contracts implementing Zeta's interfaces and functions to multiple chains.

In a nutshell, your contracts will need to:

  • Implement a crossChainTransfer function, that burns the NFT on the current chain and uses zeta.send to send a message that mints it on the other one.
  • Implement onZetaMessage to mint the NFT that was burned on the other chain.
  • Implement onZetaRevert to handle crossChainTransfer errors, and re-mint the previously burned NFT.

Here's a code example:

To see a tested, working implementation and try it in testnet, check our examples package.