ZetaLabs Expands to Amplify the Zeta App Partner Ecosystem

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Today, the ZetaChain testnet passes more than 15 million cross-chain transactions. With this impressive milestone, we are proud to state that the ZetaChain network is successfully battle-tested and launch ready. Leading up to mainnet, ZetaChain will focus on driving expansion and adoption of the Zeta App Ecosystem, an ever-growing marketplace of over 100+ companies.

Update on ZETA Points and the leaderboard

We launched ZetaLabs one year ago to enable people to test and contribute to the development of omnichain dApps. For example, the purpose of the Swap app was to showcase ZetaChain’s native cross-chain asset transfer ability with no bridging, wrapping, or locking of assets — including even native BTC. Users earned ZETA Points by testing the swap app weekly and inviting friends to the platform. It was an astounding success in helping test ZetaChain blockchain.

ZetaLabs expands to amplify the Zeta App Ecosystem

Today, given the success of ZetaLabs, we disabled the Swap app to now promote and drive greater engagement of ZetaChain ecosystem projects deployed on testnet. Disabling ZetaLabs Swap allows our Zeta App partners to receive better awareness and support from the user community as they prepare to launch apps on ZetaChain mainnet later this year. You can find a marketplace of these applications across different use cases on ZetaLabs here — all now available for beta-testing and exploration.

Note, a reminder that all earned ZETA Points remain the same and are viewable on the Leaderboard. While Swap is no longer available, you may continue to refer friends to ZetaLabs so they can discover apps in ZetaChain’s Ecosystem (5,000 ZETA Points per referral). Contributors may also continue to report issues through Discord or the Bug Bounty program.

What’s next for ZetaChain community contributions?

Much is on the horizon. ZetaChain is actively developing easy ways for the entire community to contribute and participate in the network and the wide variety of apps coming out — with a focus on real, on-chain activity. Projects on testnet are already beginning to grow sizable communities, and we encourage you to test their products and provide feedback. ZetaChain is also ramping up in-person events, developer-focused channels, and grants to incredible developers building on the ZetaChain network.

In the much shorter term, look out for a very special ecosystem campaign, sponsored by one of the largest learn-to-earn platforms in web3. This campaign will feature some of the most exemplary crypto apps that leverage ZetaChain across DeFi, Gaming, Social, DAOs, cross-chain NFTs, and more.

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only decentralized EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability, connecting all blockchains, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

Follow ZetaChain on Twitter @zetablockchain and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram. Reach out to [email protected] if you’re building on top of ZetaChain.