Strengthening our Security with Chainalysis and Halborn

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We are working with top firms to safeguard our ecosystem and community

Security is of paramount importance to us at ZetaChain — and it has to be with our community of 1.7 million users from over 100 countries who have used our testnet.

The crypto industry has witnessed devastating breaches in recent years, over US$3.8 billion was stolen from crypto hacking attacks last year alone. As a multi-chain protocol that bridges assets across multiple blockchains, it is essential that we continue to protect our business and ecosystem of more than 100 dApps. That’s why we announced today that we are working to further fortify our defenses against potential threats using Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response offering and Halborn’s best-in-class security assessments.

Chainalysis and Halborn announced a partnership in April to tackle crypto fraud with preventative and proactive security measures that are particularly focused on DeFi, which is a common target for attackers.

“Halborn’s insights helped us improve the security of our blockchain and Chainalysis’s response capabilities provide peace of mind for our OmniChain operations,” said Charlie McCowan, Head of Security at ZetaChain.

Here are more details from the official announcement:

Chainalysis launched Crypto Incident Response last June, recognizing a need in the market for added security measures beyond smart contract audits and bug bounties. By utilizing this service, ZetaChain prepares itself before crisis strikes, with our team of expert investigators standing by to help. Crypto Incident Response is a rapid response retainer service used by cryptocurrency businesses and large organizations that are high-risk targets for cyber attacks or unauthorized network intrusions that involve cryptocurrency theft or demand. We arm ZetaChain with the expertise and investigative capabilities needed to recover lost funds in the event of an exploit.

Chainalysis investigators have the industry’s most comprehensive, authoritative, and verifiable crypto transaction dataset — one trusted by global regulators and law enforcement for digital asset recovery and prosecution — at their fingertips to track down clients’ stolen funds. We also have a large customer and partner base and, with it, a sizable network with connections to almost all significant exchanges and services in the crypto space as well as Law Enforcement Agencies around the world, which makes us very efficient in engaging the relevant entities when needed.


Halborn’s preventative solution includes:

  • Phase 1 involves initial risk assessments and architecture security reviews.

  • Phase 2 features numerous security services from cloud configuration, DevOps, to logical network segmentation.

  • Phase 3 is a development phase with smart contract and infrastructure audits, powered by tools like Halborn’s ZIION.

  • Phase 4 is focused on pen testing and additional enterprise audits.

  • Phase 5 is the deployment phase with Blue team monitoring,Threat intelligence, Red team exercises, and employee security training.

Halborn’s ongoing support and guidance are instrumental in ensuring that ZetaChain remains resilient against evolving cyber threats. Halborn’s expertise in security architecture and research-backed insights provide ZetaChain with a proactive and adaptive security framework. By leveraging Halborn’s capabilities, ZetaChain fortified its defenses, securing its codebase one step further.

We talk a lot in public about how we are growing our ecosystem with grants, hackathons and developer relations, but we are dedicated to ensuring security as today’s announcement shows.

About ZetaChain

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