ZetaChain Partners with Ultiverse to Power Omnichain GameFi

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ZetaChain is excited to partner with web3 MetaFi gaming platform Ultiverse to power cross-chain functionality across its expanding portfolio of immersive social gaming experiences. Ultiverse is developing a web3-ready, VR-compatible virtual world that will support the first AAA blockchain games. The Ultiverse ecosystem is powered by a tokenomics model, which aims to promote collaborative community building and mutually beneficial relationships among players.

Omnichain Meets the Metaverse

Cross-platform support has long been an issue in traditional gaming, and web3 faces the same challenge with gamers fragmented across many blockchain networks. ZetaChain’s integration will bring full interoperability to the Ultiverse ecosystem including cross-chain digital assets, chain agnostic native payments in any token from any chain — including even native BTC — and other primitives that abstract away the underlying chain in the gaming experience.

CEO of Ultiverse Frank Ma said, “We’re excited to accelerate Ultiverse’s progress towards blockchain connectivity with the help of ZetaChain and its unique built-in interoperability. The importance of interoperability is multifaceted and has the potential to greatly influence the adoption, efficiency, and functionality of the whole Ultiverse MetaFi ecosystem.”

Mint your Pet on Meta Merge Testnet Now

Ultiverse currently supports ZetaChain’s testnet on Meta Merge, the first alpha game on Ultiverse’s SDK. Meta Merge is an Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content (AIGC) powered metaverse that offers users the opportunity to own, collect, upgrade, and merge virtual pets with unique behaviors and personalities. All crypto users can get test ZETA and mint your free Meta Merge pet on ZetaChain testnet now.

Looking Forward

Together, ZetaChain and Ultiverse are well positioned to bring the crypto ecosystem new omnichain gaming features across AI NFTs, DeFi, and next generation social gaming experiences. We look forward to supporting Ultiverse as a GameFi mainnet launch partner.

About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is committed to constructing a metaverse platform on web3 that offers a wide range of user experiences. Using MetaFi and cutting-edge Dapps, Ultiverse aims to create a diverse and inclusive community of users. The platform will feature a matrix of different media, including virtual reality, to offer users an immersive experience. Similar to the “Oasis” from “Ready Player One.” Ultiverse’s metaverse platform will be a dynamic and interactive space that allows for creativity and exploration.

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About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only decentralized EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability, connecting all blockchains, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

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