Bitcoin Smart Contracts

ZetaChain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts let you build smart contracts that can be interacted with directly with native Bitcoin.

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How do Bitcoin Smart Contracts Work?

ZetaChain’s integrated ZRC-20 token standard allows Omnichain Smart Contracts to control native assets on any chain — even non-smart chains such as the Bitcoin network. Therefore, developers can easily deploy contracts that control native Bitcoin together with other desired tokens from other chains. Bring Bitcoin into the broader DeFi ecosystem in one step.

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contract YourContract is zContract, ERC20 {
  // You can call this function from Bitcoin!    
  function onCrossChainCall(
    zContext calldata context,
    address zrc20,
    uint256 amount,
    bytes calldata message
  ) external virtual override {
    address recipient =
    BytesHelperLib.bytesToAddress(message, 0);
    _mint(recipient, amount);

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Native, One-Step Experience

You can now build never-before possible apps that orchestrate, manage, and transact native Bitcoin, and bring Bitcoin into the broader DeFi ecosystem. Unlock use cases like native Bitcoin staking, trading, gaming, lending, and more.

Manage a single contract for all chains instead of one contract for each supported chain. Experience the simplicity of building on Ethereum with access to assets on any chain, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin.

Users can interact with Bitcoin Apps on ZetaChain directly from their Bitcoin wallets, and apps can settle directly in native Bitcoin. This one-step UX reduces risks for users and lets developers build more seamless experiences.

Working with Bitcoin on ZetaChain

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