10,000,000 ZETA Rewards: XP Airdrop Round 1

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We listened to your feedback since the close of our 90 day XP launch campaign and are excited and ready to deliver! This post kicks off round 1 of mainnet rewards focused on the first snapshot of XP users, captured on May 1st, 2024. To support the continued growth of the ZetaChain network, the activation puts power in the hands of ZetaChain apps to best determine ZETA rewards for their users based on the XP data layer. The approach ensures that rewards will be distributed to a wide variety of key users and XP activities while inviting the entire ecosystem to participate!

80,000,000 ZETA distributed from the User Growth Pool

Over 80,000,000 million ZETA from the User Growth Pool (UGP) was already distributed to users since the launch of ZetaChain 1.0 to help onboard and reward users on the ZetaChain network.

This includes 31,500,000 ZETA to ZetaLabs testnet users distributed at the launch of ZetaChain Mainnet Beta and 50,000,000 ZETA for various marketing initiatives including launch pool marketing for OKX Jumpstart and others, wallet campaigns such as OKX Cryptopedia, TokenPocket, Bitget Task2Earn, social channels like the Galxe airdrop, and more.

XP Airdrop Round 1: 10,000,000 ZETA

In line with incentivizing meaningful usage and growth of the ZetaChain network, we’re excited to announce up to 10M ZETA rewards from the UGP for the XP Airdrop Round 1!

Request for Proposal from ZetaChain apps

The program invites all apps on ZetaChain to submit proposals that analyze the XP data layer in order to meaningfully distribute ZETA rewards to XP users. App projects on ZetaChain must submit your request for proposal (RFP) by July 1st at 00:00 UTC. After final deliberations and allocations are published, reward distributions can begin July 1st, 2024. Starting then, apps can determine the timeline for their distributions.

At a high-level, with more detailed criteria below, ~419k users is the primary cohort eligible for rewards in the first snapshot. Users in this cohort have at least 200k XP and demonstrated high loyalty to the program. They performed a majority of all activities week over week and completed nearly all XP-eligible activities with a high barrier to entry. Rewards are focused on this cohort, but can also incorporate more users and data (see guidelines below).

Outside of this baseline, apps will use the XP data to determine additional user tiers and rewards based on the guidelines. Submissions from projects will include project information, ZETA distribution request, data on the app’s traction, proposed distribution tiering, and reasoning.

Projects must submit here by July 1st at 00:00 UTC.


Projects eligible to submit proposals include teams who deployed active contracts on ZetaChain Mainnet Beta with active users. All submissions will need to verify their deployment/ownership of the apps. Submissions are not limited to apps with live activity on the XP program. Any project with real users and utility is eligible. The UGP committee will complete full diligence on all eligible apps before assigning and distributing a rewards grant to them.


The XP airdrop program allows projects to design how their token allocation is distributed to best reward their users. When creating a proposal, projects should follow these requirements and guidelines:

  • 95% or more of the allocation must be allocated to users.

  • Up to 5% of the allocation may be reserved for the developer team, to be used to cover operational costs or future user growth initiatives.

  • Majority of reward recipients must have ≥200k XP in the first XP snapshot dataset. The hyperlink points to the compiled dataset of all addresses in the XP snapshot for the first 90-day phase. This dataset is to be used by apps in combination with other on-chain data to determine proper rewards for a subset of the users. The base guideline criteria and tiers designed by apps will be used to filter for final rewards distribution.

  • For tiers of reward allocations, they must follow this structure: Apps may define up to 15 tiers for reward allocations, with a minimum of 5 tiers. Up to 3 tiers may be based on non-XP snapshot data — like social verifications, off-chain data calculations, or data after the XP snapshot. The reasoning behind the reward tiers must be published or verifiable. All of these requirements are designed to better ensure that rewards do not consolidate into rewards for a few centralized parties or list of addresses.

  • Apps may determine reward mechanisms, e.g. first-come-first-serve, pro-rata based on snapshot, or other approaches. Apps should engage in discussions with their communities and users to determine the most impactful reward approach.

  • XP data graph data you may use in your distribution include user claimed X task at least Y times, user has over XXX XP, and user participated in at least X weeks.

  • Potential on-chain criteria apps may use in their distribution can include frequency, total completions, specific task completions, gas expenditure, and overall rank/level/XP.

  • Apps are encouraged to introduce their own rewards, separate from the ZETA allocation. Rewarding users with app-specific components on top of ZETA allocations can create stronger, more special ties between users and apps.

  • Sybil analyses may be employed to better filter rewards for real users. Any lists or groupings used to filter these accounts must be made public, so that reasoning is public.


  1. Submit a proposal here before July 1st at 00:00 UTC, verifying your deployer address and providing other information. Apps are encouraged to also post this information publicly on X and tag @zetablockchain for visibility and to gather feedback before determining final distribution.

  2. After receiving the submission, the UGP committee will reach out to eligible apps to determine final distributions that meet the guidelines above.

  3. After determining distribution percentages and tiers, a total grant from the UGP will be delegated to the app. Any sybil analyses or filtering must be published publicly before it’s incorporated into the distribution.

  4. Once all distribution deliberations are completed, apps must publish their reward distribution and reasoning to the public. The data should be published by the projects either through a claim checker interface or in a full data dump.

  5. After publishing the rewards distributions publicly, apps can begin distributing user rewards. Any failure to distribute rewards properly, safely, and according to the published data will result in a blacklisting of the app from any future reward distribution. Apps may choose to work with the distribution platform TokenTable to allow users to claim their airdrop amounts.

  6. All distributions must be completed before October 1, 2024. All remaining tokens not allocated or distributed will be rolled over into other XP-focused programs.

Evolution of the XP data graph

Competing in the XP loyalty program gives users access to rewards. While the UGP is the foundation of rewards for this specific program, all apps have access to the open XP data layer to determine additional ways to engage and reward their users. A novel ranking system is actively under development, which involves not only absolute XP amounts, but also other dimensions such as recent activity and consistency.

We look forward to feedback from participants in the XP competition and broader community to shape how rewards are determined in the future in order to drive more sustainable and meaningful network usage.


XP serves as a core data and loyalty system for dApps and users to grow together. The XP Airdrop Round 1 model is the first iteration of rewards for the XP layer. The initiative underscores our commitment to growing a thriving, interconnected community and continually evolving ecosystem. We encourage feedback over the course of this program so we can continue to make improvements! We invite you to prepare questions for our AMA on June 18th.

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