TokenInsight Analysis: The Future of Omnichain

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We are excited to share the latest TokenInsight report: The Future of Omnichain: ZetaChain, A Novel Layer-1 Blockchain Enables Fully Interoperable Smart Contracts.

TokenInsight is a data-driven blockchain institution that provides objective commercial due diligence, project analysis, industry research, and more. This report outlines ZetaChain’s approach to interoperability including the following key highlights:

  • ZetaChain tackles existing cross-chain protocol limitations with its Omnichain Smart Contracts, where applications can be built as if all assets were on one chain.

  • ZetaChain’s messaging allows arbitrary cross-chain data transfer/contract calls and wrap-less value transfer across chains.

  • ZetaChain can connect smart and non-smart contract platforms for seamless, universal applications, integrating chains like Bitcoin into DeFi and crypto ecosystems natively.

  • The distributed validator network of Zetachain replaces outside relays and oracles to verify cross-chain transaction states and lets smart contracts natively manage cross-chain pricing/liquidity.

  • ZetaChain introduces novel hybrid transaction model that merges UTXO (Bitcoin) and Accounts (Ethereum) models to enable secure yet robust omnichain applications.

  • As of March 16, 2023, over 1 million users have generated 88.3 million internal transactions and 6.49 million cross-chain transactions on Zetachain’s on-chain ecosystem.

See the full report here