The ZetaLabs Airdrop Pre-Claim

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The first ZetaChain airdrop is coming. We could not be more excited to finally provide an update. Community participation during the ZetaLabs testnet phase was instrumental. We appreciate many of you demonstrated strong engagement on the platform, earning ZETA Points through both invitations and testing of the integrated swap app. You can view your claim eligibility at ZetaHub, which will be an entry point to use and explore ZetaChain.

At ZetaChain, transparency and fairness are cornerstones in our community engagement efforts. As part of our latest initiative, we undertook extensive data analysis to assign airdrop amounts that reflect each community member’s valuable contributions.

This testnet-based airdrop is just the beginning. As ZetaChain proceeds to mainnet and beyond, the community will foster and prioritize real usage of the network in mainnet and beyond through many exciting products and programs.

Airdrop Overview

To date, over 68 billion ZETA Points were earned by users. These points in ZetaLabs marked user progress in their contributions on both community growth and network battle-testing in the ZetaChain testnets. This data was the base for how rewards were assigned. With a snapshot date of August 20, 2023, ZetaLabs and testnet data was used to calculate reward amounts for participating wallets. A total of 31.5M ZETA is allocated to this genesis airdrop, with rewards allocated to over 800,000 ZetaLabs users and contributors. Users who joined after the snapshot will be able to participate in upcoming activities.

Core Criteria and Analysis

Using this data snapshot, Invite points and Transactor points were both segmented in order to assign awards to the different types of points-earning activity. This tier system allowed us to allocate airdrop amounts in a way that recognizes and rewards varying levels of engagement, participation, and impact on the ecosystem.

  • Users with over 50K cumulative ZETA Points, were eligible for tiered base reward amounts based on Inviter and Transactor points separately. Rewards do not scale with absolute amounts, but in adjusted tiers for the point types. Especially given the nature of testnet transactions, this helps ensure a more fair distribution to all contributors where a disproportionate amount is not allocated to just a very small percentage of users.

  • High tier Inviters were rewarded on both invite point totals and on the ratio of their invitee points (those where the average invitee points exceeded a minimum threshold are given a bonus over those who purely invited users who did not transact much on average).

  • Users who joined ZetaLabs early on receive a bonus multiplier on their base amounts based on their join date (see adjustments below).

  • Those users who have records of assets on testnet and mainnets connected to ZetaChain receive a multiplier. While pure wallet registration signifies at least viewing the ZetaLabs product, users without any transactions records cannot be validated and have a significantly higher likelihood to be associated with sybil attacks and botting (see adjustments below).

  • Tiered base reward amounts range from 50 to 20,000 ZETA for both Inviter and Transactor tiers, and they are not mutually exclusive.

  • Other ZetaLabs users were allocated Access Pack which will kickstart their usage of ZetaChain 1.0 Mainnet.

The analysis culminated with assigning final tier names that encapsulate the essence of each member’s role within our community. From ‘Zeta Explorers’ to ‘Zeta Cosmopolitans,’ these titles reflect the value and spirit of our members’ contributions. Check out your tier name and badge in ZetaHub! You can also share your card on social networks like Twitter. These badges can be used to signify your upcoming participation into mainnet.

Final amounts are derived from the base amount assignments layered with the adjustments outlined in the next section.

Fine-Tuning with Adjustments

To reflect nuances in each member’s contribution, we introduced adjustments based on transaction types, bot group associations, and participation dates. These adjustments allowed us to fine-tune the airdrop amounts to reward genuine participation while discouraging exploitative behavior.

  • Transaction Adjustments: Participants’ addresses who had mainnet transactions on ZetaChain-connected chains (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon) receive a 10% increase on their base tier amount. Those with only testnet transactions on the respective testnets had their base amounts adjusted to 50%, acknowledging their contribution while differentiating from those with mainnet activity. Those with no transactions detected receive 10% of their allocation. While there is a separate bot-detection filter, these adjustments help reward users with stronger on-chain activity more than those with little or no previous on-chain activity.

  • Date Bucket Adjustments: Recognizing the importance of early supporters, the airdrop is adjusted also based on the date of first joining ZetaLabs. Members who joined during key developmental phases of our project received up to a 25% increase in their airdrop amount, aligning incentives with our ecosystem’s milestones.

Join Date Range and Multiplier

  • 2022–08–01 to 2022–11–17: 25% multiplier

  • 2022–11–18 to 2023–02–15: 10% multiplier

  • 2023–02–15 to 2023–04–05: 5% multiplier

  • 2023–04–05 to 2023–06–20: 2.5% multiplier

Bot/Sybil Group Adjustments:

Inauthentic behavior and sybil attacks are discouraged to ensure real users receive a fair reward. In partnership with, we conducted a bot analysis based on on-chain data and removed over 300,000 detected bot accounts with near-identical behavior on a variety of verticals and networks.

This approach diverges from the norm by still rewarding top-earning member of detected Sybil groups. This decision is a nod to our appreciation for all forms of ingenuity from the decentralized ZetaChain community on the testnet. It’s crucial to clarify: while we don’t condone harmful Sybil attack behavior, we believe that even those who push the boundaries with bots contributed to our testnet’s robustness by presenting more load for the network to handle.

Access Pack

Users with Access Pack will be able to get started with using ZetaChain with a kickstart of ZETA and in the XP Program described briefly in the next section. The amount of ZETA allocated to these users will be announced in the airdrop launch. It will enable users to get started using the network immediately, covering their first transactions and app interactions. While this allocation will be smaller than the tiers above, this is aimed at enabling as wide a variety of participants as possible to try ZetaChain out.


ZetaHub is the entry point into ZetaChain. Right now, you can only access your claim information, but in mainnet, it will be a place where you can interface with the core functionalities of ZetaChain and participate in on-chain community programs, exploration of ecosystem apps, and first-access to new happenings on ZetaChain.

ZetaHub also introduces a new indexing primitive called XP to track mainnet activities. Over time, the XP program will evolve into an underlying, generalized on-chain loyalty program that other dApps can leverage in order to understand their user communities and better align perks and rewards.

This is a sneak peek at what ZetaHub will include when launched in full.

You will be able to claim your airdrop through ZetaHub with the launch of Mainnet. Users may be required to complete KYC onboarding procedures to claim their airdrop.

Phase Z-1

Phase Z-1 (”Z minus one”) is the next phase of ZetaChain in lead-up to its mainnet launch. Sign up via the Developer and/or User tracks with relevant information, powered by DeForm. This submission will be the first of many upcoming activations to participate in the ZetaChain ecosystem, including both builder and user-focused initiatives.

By verifying activity thus far in the forms, this will serve as a starting point to engage with ZetaHub’s upcoming XP program which will also include on-chain mainnet data. If you participated in various community campaigns outside of ZetaLabs or are building and deploying on ZetaChain’s testnet already, get involved now!

What’s next?

ZetaChain is and has always been a community-first project. In this initial airdrop and future initiatives, the primary driver is the growth and decentralization of the ZetaChain ecosystem, powered by the collective efforts of all contributors. ZetaLabs Points are now fully sunset.

Mainnet endeavors will be focused on real on-chain utility, and usage will be fully aimed at growing legitimate, measurable, and meaningful usage on ZetaChain to grow the network. The next phase — ZetaChain 1.0 Mainnet — will be the most exciting to date.

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is a simple, fast, and secure Omnichain Blockchain. A pioneer implementing the concept of chain abstraction, ZetaChain serves as the base-layer of the decentralized internet. With ZetaChain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts, developers can build truly interoperable dApps that span multiple chains from any existing blockchain from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto from any chain, including new blockchain innovations into the future. ZetaChain’s mission is to build a platform for global access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain.

Follow ZetaChain on Twitter @zetablockchain and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram. Reach out to [email protected] if you’re building on top of ZetaChain.

Any projects mentioned are 3rd party, not ZetaChain.