Omnichain Test Asset Bridge Brings 100,000 Users in 3 Weeks

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ZetaChain Testnet Offers Real Utility to Crypto Users

  • We introduced Free Testnet Bridge in response to recent parties charging for and speculating on the price of gETH.

  • The universal faucet offers a free way for developers and users to get test assets (gETH, tBNB, tMATIC, tBTC, tKLAY, Etc.) and convert them into any other test asset all in a single step.

Turn test BTC on Bitcoin into MATIC on Polygon Mumbai or any other combination — think of Free Testnet Bridge like an omnichain swap marketplace and public utility for test assets.

100,000+ New Users in 3 Weeks

  • 112,280 new users joined since the release 3 weeks ago.

  • 307,137 monthly transacting users on ZetaChain’s testnet, a number that rivals 30-day active mainnet user counts on top crypto apps: 663,000 on Uniswap V3 and 225,000 on OpenSea (Source: DappRadar Rankings: Top Blockchain Dapps on 3/21/2023).

  • While we acknowledge the mentioned apps are live on mainnet, we also recognize ZetaChain’s testnet provides real utility: an omnichain swap app for test asset acquisition and general trading — including even native test BTC.

Number of new ZetaChain testnet users since the release of on February 27th, 2023

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only decentralized L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability, connecting all blockchains, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

Follow ZetaChain on Twitter @zetablockchain and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram. Reach out to [email protected] if you’re building on top of ZetaChain.