Omnichain October: ZetaChain Ecosystem passes 150 dApps with major global event appearances

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This month’s wrap-up is a busy one so let’s dive right in.

Ecosystem developments

We crossed more than 150 dApps deployed on the ZetaChain testnet. October was the biggest cohort of new Zeta Apps joining the ecosystem to date. They include the following:

October was big on integrations, particularly around wallets:


Our BTC hackathon finished last month and Nominids, a project that allows NFT trading with native Bitcoin, won the event with its clever addition of Bitcoin to its NFT marketplace. By integrating ZetaChain, Hominids allows users to pay and sell NFTs using Bitcoin natively.

Community updates

OKX Wallet and Cryptopedia

OKX Wallet integrated ZetaChain, and we became the first ever testnet campaign on Cryptopedia. The learn-to-earn program leyts users interact with Zeta Apps right from the mobile OKX wallet.

In the first week we engaged over 50,000 participants. The campaign features an initial five dApps and offers a $100,000 ZETA reward pool so do check it out if you haven’t yet!

Bounce Finance

We like to keep crypto fun and interesting. In that spirit we held a sneaker giveaway alongside real world asset marketplace Bounce Finance to celebrate its integration with ZetaChain.

Eddy Finance

Mrigank Bhargava, co-founder of Eddy Finance, featured on the Davao DeFi Community Philippines podcast (you can listen here)


We also ran a slogan campaign using YLIDE that together drew more than 6,000 participants and generated some quality ideas with lots of creativity. Check out the winners here!

Zeta Sticker Contest

In tradition with our creative Discord contests, we launched a sticker competition to spice up our Telegram. The submissions are really inspiring. We will announce winners in the next week!

Marketing and PR activity

Our event calendar was overflowing once again in October, following a very busy and successful September.


The month began with Cosmoverse in Istanbul, Turkey, between 2–4 October where ZetaChain was the exclusive sponsor of the opening party and heavily involved in the event. Denis Fadeev, ZetaChain’s Head of Developer Experience, took part in panel discussions with important projects such as Thorchain and Cronos, addressing blockchain and interoperability challenges.

ETH Hong Kong

Denis was also in action in Hong Kong where we hosted a panel at ETH Hong Kong with notable Ethereum ecosystem projects like Chainlink and ETHStorage as we continue to put ZetaChain on the main stage at the biggest web3 events

We were also honored to kick off the show, and co-sponsor the opening party with ETH Hong Kong:

ZetaChain San Francisco Meetup

We closed out October with a meetup in San Francisco focused around the theme: “Unblocking The Chains”. This aligns well with ZetaChain’s mission to make the world of Web3 more accessible.

The event featured panelists from companies including OKX, xlabs, Light Speed Ventures, Chainlink, Nomad Capital and more.

ZetaChain on Social Media

In addition to real-world events, we were pleased to see virality on social media. ZetaChain was a trending topic on X following our announcement with OKX.

Last month, we saw article coverage in media outlets including:

Contributor Program

We are actively expanding our contributor program for technical writing and developer Q&A, local live event management, AMA representation, and beyond! If this excites you, then apply here

A Look forward to November

ZetaChain is headed to DevConnect where we’ll be speaking with other L1 blockchains on the main stage at ETHGlobal Pragma and many other ZetaChain side events. Check out the new ZetaChain Events Calendar, and get signed up here:

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only decentralized EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability, connecting all blockchains, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

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Any projects mentioned are 3rd party, not ZetaChain.