Launching the Universal Loyalty & Rewards Layer

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ZetaChain’s mission is to serve as a platform for universal access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain. The Universal Loyalty and Rewards Layer, powered by XP, serves an important role for growing meaningful activity across our Universal App ecosystem of 260+ partners in a fun and creative way. Today, we launch ZetaHub Status & Rewards, updates on the first XP-based airdrop RFP, and share other exciting updates about the XP program!

Stay updated and help shape the future of XP in our new 👌⼁xp-feedback channel, monthly Product AMAs, and bi-weekly RFP reviews.

Airdrop submissions close; distributions start

Submissions from apps for XP Airdrop Round 1 closed on July 1st at 00:00 UTC, marking the start of the first reward distributions by apps! Among Eddy Finance, Zebra Protocol, Accumulated Finance, League of Thrones, and more, public discussions by ecosystem apps are underway as project teams look to refine their RFPs before final deliberations and distribution (visit links to tweet threads).

The User Growth Pool (UGP) committee is actively involved in these processes and revisions to ensure XP snapshot users are fairly and securely rewarded. After RFP distributions are approved, they will be viewable on a rolling basis for ZetaHub users in the new Explore Rewards section (learn more below).

New updates to the RFP program

  • TokenTable will be used for all claiming of ZETA assets to minimize custody risk. We updated this rule based on community feedback concerning transparency and reward execution by ecosystem dApps.

  • Apps must publicly post their distribution model before rewards begin. This is now required to make sure the community has an opportunity to provide feedback and participate in discussion!

  • Now that submissions are closed, apps must work towards finalizing rewards for distribution, fulfilling all necessary guidelines and responding to feedback. All apps that attempt to circumvent them or steal funds will be blacklisted from all future programs.

ZetaHub introduces XP Status & Rewards

ZetaHub introduces XP Status and Rewards! This comes with a new UI release and revamp for how users grow within the program. Status aims to be a universal loyalty system where you build Status by performing onchain activities and testing new apps. As a loyal and active user on the network, Status makes you eligible for Rewards. The new changes focus on increasing transparency, availability, and iteration speed of XP and Rewards. With this, the program strives to better evolve with community needs and feedback, including a more continuous stream of diverse rewards. Let’s dive deeper into these updates below.

XP Status

Status is a simple, key indicator that helps apps assign perks and rewards to real and valuable users. Based on your lifetime XP earned, users fall into one of four initial Status tiers: Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Green. These Statuses determine eligibility for certain Rewards and will be made available for apps to use when designing their Rewards. Note, the ranking system may change periodically according to community feedback and ecosystem needs.

XP Active Streak

In order to be Active for the week, a user needs to reach the minimum active threshold of XP. This adds a key dimension of consistency to XP addresses, which can give apps higher confidence in designing rewards for users. Certain Rewards will only be available to users who are enrolled, active, and/or have a minimum active streak.

XP Activities Update

The Activities and Featured sections have undergone a UI refresh to better support a free marketplace of apps and activities on ZetaChain from DeFi and Gaming to Social, NFTs, and much more to come. Further, the activities are refreshed with updated point assignments and transaction minimums. Some old activities were removed to make room for new ones that better demonstrate real utility and applications.

ZetaChain ecosystem projects who join the program have flexibility to design activities based on their features, user growth priorities, and overall objectives. For example, assigning a minimum trade amount for a DEX app to help build more volume.

In collaboration with the community and apps, ZetaHub is developing a more robust system to determine XP allocation for each activity. Metrics may include cost to complete an activity, time to complete, length of time it’s featured, and ZetaChain features used.

Explore Rewards in ZetaHub

The Rewards section lets you browse rewards across the ecosystem from one place. Some rewards may require Status or other criteria for eligibility.

Earning XP builds Status and gives you access to rewards. The XP page now includes Rewards where you can explore opportunities and check your status eligibility for rewards across the entire ZetaChain ecosystem. This section will update as apps and the UGP launch rewards so you can see what new perks are available on a rolling basis, in one place.

Rewards are not bound to a specific framework. Rewards can come in the form of attendance at IRL events, merch, contests, access to new features, retroactive airdrops, and more. Status, XP, and Active-streak, as well as specific task completion and other onchain data, will be core criteria for Rewards.

Rewards and XP are ongoing, so all XP earned so far before and after the 90-day snapshot are still factored into user Status and Rewards. If you didn’t meet the 200k XP threshold for round one, you still have your XP and can be eligible for other rewards.

UGP allocations and dApp rewards will go live on a continuous basis to retroactively and proactively reward users for their active participation and network engagement. The first rewards allocation, the XP Airdrop Round 1 RFP, is already in progress. All RFP distributions will be listed and displayed in the Rewards section.

You can check out Rewards on the XP & Rewards page now.

Data Access

For the first 90-day phase, the XP snapshot dataset was released for apps to determine their RFP submissions. As these Status Tiers, Active Streaks, and Rewards gain traction, the data will be made available through data exports, live APIs, or even onchain data so that apps can use it to reward users.

Goodbye Phases, Hello Continuous Improvement

Rather than phases, XP Status and Rewards will evolve and launch continuously based on feedback and app ecosystem progression. The “second” phase of XP after the 90-day initial phase is already live, and all lifetime XP earned continues to count towards Status and Rewards. Approved RFP submissions will start distributions after they are approved by the UGP committee — 15+ are listed in the Rewards section and are under active review. 120M+ ZETA remains in the UGP, focused on growing user adoption of Universal Apps and finding ways to fairly reward users across the ecosystem leveraging XP.

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the first universal L1 blockchain. It serves as the base-layer of the decentralized internet, providing a platform for global access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain. Zetachain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts on the Universal EVM are purpose-built for general chain abstraction across the entire crypto ecosystem. ZetaChain can connect to any blockchain, from Ethereum and Cosmos to Bitcoin and beyond, enabling unified liquidity, user experience, and data all from a single place. Universal Apps on ZetaChain are future-proof and have full compatibility with both existing and new chain integrations. With a proposed Universal Proof-of-Stake capability, ZetaChain supports staking of assets like native Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for rewards, powering unbounded scale for economic security.

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