June: ZetaHub crosses million users!

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ZetaChain’s mission is to serve as a platform for universal access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain. Progress in June on a number of important initiatives move ZetaChain closer towards realizing the first Universal EVM for chain abstraction: the Universal Loyalty & Rewards Layer launch, Alchemy support for easier development of Universal Apps, protocol upgrades for ZetaChain 2.0, and high partner growth across the ecosystem. At the same time, ZetaChain contributors brought crypto communities together around the world from Vietnam Blockchain Week to gatherings in Korea, DEVCON in the Philippines, the Omnichain Abstraction Summit in Africa, and everything in between. This is the June 2024 recap!

260+ Ecosystem Partners

June saw 260+ total partnerships incuding expansion across the ecosystem stack including new partners across infrastructure, SocialFi, GameFi, DeFi, and analytics! Tune into our Ecosystem update calls on the third Tuesday of every month to stay up to speed on the latest ZetaChain ecosystem news.

ZetaChain is live on Alchemy

We’re thrilled to announce developers can now build Universal Apps using Alchemy Supernode, Alchemy Subgraphs and Alchemy’s full suite of developer tools! The integration marks a big milestone in ZetaChain’s effort to onboard best in class infrastructure services and providers to support the first universal blockchain development experience.

Later this year, we’re excited to release general availability for NFT API support. The update will enable ZetaChain developers focused on omnichain NFT applications with the ability to easily launch, verify, analyze, trade and display NFTs.

Overall, in partnership with Alchemy, we aim to make it seamless for developers to build any kind of Universal App on ZetaChain and gain future proof compatibility with all important blockchains — even the Bitcoin network.

Access our quick start guide here to get started! Learn more about the ZetaChain X Alchemy partnership here.

Extending Universal Apps to the Cosmos ecosystem

A key part of our chain support strategy in ZetaChain 2.0 is introducing a new way of transporting data to/from the universe of IBC-compatible chains and ZetaChain’s Chain Abstraction Framework. With this integration, users and wallets from all IBC supported chains will be able to seamlessly access Universal Apps and call these Omnichain Smart Contracts on ZetaChain from IBC chains.

You can follow ZetaChain 2.0 progress right from our public GitHub.

Leading Cosmos wallets support ZetaChain

In preparation for adding IBC as a transport layer, we’re excited to share new Cosmos wallets support ZetaChain. The most popular Cosmos wallet with over 1M users, Keplr, is now integrated with ZetaChain! Additionally, leading Cosmos wallet Leap adds support for ZetaChain. Check out their quick user video guide on how to get started.

We look forward to sharing more about how to use Cosmos wallets for ZetaChain staking and voting and bigger picture updates on Cosmos IBC joining ZetaChain’s ecosystem of universal connectivity.

Other noteworthy ecosystem partnerships updates:

ZetaChain Product

ZetaHub: The Universal Loyalty & Rewards Layer

In June, we were very excited to announce a 10,000,000 ZETA airdrop commitment from the User Growth Pool for XP users. Proposal submissions from apps just closed on July 1st at 00:00 UTC, marking the start of the first reward distributions by apps very soon.

Everything you need to know, including information about open AMA sessions, is in our latest Product update on the Universal Loyalty & Rewards Layer 🟩


Meet the new ZetaDocs! In late May, we rolled out a major content revamp to reflect ZetaChain 2.0 developments. Now, the design and UX centers around the development of Universal Apps, catering to various builder intents — whether you’re getting started building a Universal App, starting a node, or learning to use ZetaChain apps.

With this release are refreshed tutorials — ranging from introductory guides to advanced step-by-step examples, including cross-chain token swaps and NFT minting. The new contributor-first architecture streamlines the process for creating and updating content, and opens it up for community involvement.

Check out a few examples including omnichain token swaps, staking, and minting NFTs from Bitcoin. Additionally, we added comprehensive guides on integrating your app with popular Bitcoin wallets, and a detailed tutorial on building a web frontend for your application. These resources provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring you have the best experience building Universal Apps on ZetaChain.

Learn about more about these updates in our product release thread and visit ZetaDocs to experience it firsthand!

ZetaChain Global Events

GM Vietnam (Vietnam Blockchain Week)

Given ZetaChain’s growing user and developer ecosystem in Vietnam, we were excited to make our inaugural presence to the Vietnam crypto hub. We started our week with a multi-day Builder Space event hosted at the HQ of our close partner Coin98. In fact, on this same day, we were excited to push native support for Coin98 in ZetaHub.

Later in the week, we teamed up with Coin98, Hooked Protocol, and ABC Station to host a caviar and champagne tasting in the very elegant Amanaki Thao Dien art gallery. Overall, we were impressed by the energy and excitement around crypto in Vietnam and look forward to developing more relationships with communities and app builders.

Korea VIP dinner reception

More than 25 core ZetaChain contributors came to Seoul last month to host a 100+ VIP dinner reception and hold meetings with local ecosystem partners throughout the week. Check out the short video snippet by ZetaChain Korea here.

We look forward to helping developers build new and innovative Universal Apps and hosting more events in Korea in 2024! Thank you everyone who came out to meet us.

More events on and offline…

June was a fun month of ZetaChain official events and workshop sessions with partners. Listen back to the recordings on ZetaChain’s YouTube:

  • DevX Lead Denis Fadeev ran a workshop on How to Build Universal Apps? as part of our latest $10,000 prize hackathon event in partnership with WaveHack Global!

  • We hosted an effective feedback session after the 10M ZETA RFP airdrop announcement.

  • We also kicked off the first open RFP Review meeting in Discord and will be running these XP focus group sessions every 2 weeks (check back for YouTube recording by July 5th, 2024).

  • We held a Product AMA focused on the latest XP Status & Rewards updates in ZetaHub.

  • June 2024 Developer Office Hours included some of the best tech questions from community to date. Watch the recording back to learn about the latest Universal App tutorials, new dev tooling, ZetaChain hackathon, new ZetaDocs demo, and much more!

  • We ran a masterclass session on “Effective Ecosystem Building Strategies for Web 3.0” hosted by accelerator firm Pivot!

  • Stay tuned for AMAs across different groups (Product, Protocol, Ecosystem, DevX, and more) on a weekly rotating cycle. You can set reminders in the Discord events calendar or follow the ZetaChain Luma page where we plan to populate our full calendar of activities.

ZetaChain Global Community

In addition to these events, ZetaChain Global is ramping up activity with the launch of the 2024 ZETA Summer Games, hosted by ZetaNite, and a bunch of community-led meetups around the world. For example, ZetaChain Philippines AKA the Green team is wrapping up DEVCON at the time of writing. Shout out to the more than 15 community members that came out to support speaking events, booth activities, and represent ZetaChain’s universal blockchain mission.

ZetaChain Africa Ambassador Smartwaka also organized our first Omnichain Abstraction Summit in Nigeria (check out pictures from our event in the thread below). We can’t wait to support more opportunities for community members to attend web3 events like this in their city!

Next week, we’re headed to Brussels for the ETH CC conference where we’re excited to host our 2nd Universal Blockchain Summit. Stay tuned this week for the release of our full ZetaChain Events calendar!

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the first universal L1 blockchain. It serves as the base-layer of the decentralized internet, providing a platform for global access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain. Zetachain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts on the Universal EVM are purpose-built for general chain abstraction across the entire crypto ecosystem. ZetaChain can connect to any blockchain, from Ethereum and Cosmos to Bitcoin and beyond, enabling unified liquidity, user experience, and data all from a single place. Universal Apps on ZetaChain are future-proof and have full compatibility with both existing and new chain integrations. With a proposed Universal Proof-of-Stake capability, ZetaChain supports staking of assets like native Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for rewards, powering unbounded scale for economic security.

Follow ZetaChain on Twitter @zetablockchain and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram. Reach out to [email protected] if you’re building on top of ZetaChain.

Any projects mentioned are 3rd party, not ZetaChain.