Bitget Wallet activates 12 million users for ZetaChain ecosystem testing

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ZetaChain’s mission to offer the first public EVM-compatible L1 blockchain that connects everything. Today, we’re excited to not only reveal Bitget Wallet’s integration, but also that ZetaChain is the debut launch partner for Bitget Wallet’s new Task2Get platform. The partnership welcomes 12 million users from Bitget Wallet to interact with new ZetaChain dApps with a chance to win rewards.

Preparing the Zeta App Ecosystem for mainnet

As ZetaChain passes 150 dApps on testnet, we continue to focus efforts on helping ecosystem partners prepare for mainnet launch. A key part of this is incentivizing our massive 3 million person userbase to test and provide feedback on new apps leading up to launch. Last month, OKX launched their first ever testnet campaign for Zeta Apps, and now we’re extending the program to leading global wallet provider Bitget Wallet.

Discover the first Zeta Apps on Task2Get, powered by Bitget Wallet

Web3 exploration platform Task2Get showcases a batch of new omnichain dApps across DeFi, RWA, Identity, DAOs, cross-chain NFTs, and more. With ZetaChain, you can access all of your assets and data from Bitget Wallet, regardless of the underlying blockchain and without the need for bridges or wrapped tokens. This includes non-smart contract chains like the Bitcoin network.

Access the tutorial here

Discover the first batch of Zeta Apps and enter the quests now:

Bounce — Buy a Bounce_BitgetWallet_ZetaChain NFT

Bounce Finance is a decentralized auction protocol that empowers users to create and participate in diverse types of auctions on multiple blockchain networks. With a focus on Auction as a Service, Bounce Finance offers a wide range of products, including Token & NFT Auctions, Real-World Collectible Auctions, Ad Space Auction, and SDKs & Plug-Ins.

Bounce writes in this press release, “With our eventual integration of ZetaChain’s ZRC-20, users will be able to bid on auctions in any token from any chain — even native BTC — unlocking a whole new level of cross-chain access and liquidity.” Secure your Bounce X Bitget Wallet NFT on testnet now!

Eddy Finance — Perform a swap on Eddy Finance DEX

Eddy Finance, an Omnichain DEX on ZetaChain, streamlines native asset transfers across networks without wrapping tokens. Eddy’s cross-chain unified liquidity pools combine native assets, including ETH, BTC, BNB, and stablecoins, for optimized efficiency. Eddy opens significant value to BTC by seamlessly integrating it into the EVM ecosystem.

ZetaChain’s Omnichain contracts streamline cross-chain deployment, centralize logic, and helps us seamlessly incorporate non-EVM chains like BTC”, says Mrigank, founder of Eddy Finance. Make a swap using Eddy Finance now!

LENX — Use Native BTC to borrow ETH

LENX is an omnichain lending protocol, enabling supply of crypto assets as collateral — including even native Bitcoin-leveraged stablecoin — to borrow other omnichain assets on ZetaChain. Accounts accrue interest by supplying any omnichain asset to the protocol.

“ZetaChain is the new universal blockchain layer,” says LENX founder John Kim. Try using your native Bitcoin to borrow Ethereum now!

xDAO — Create a DAO, then create an LP Token

XDAO is a DAO framework company, offering products to create a DAO, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting and directly interact with DeFi protocols using gasless off-chain voting. With ZetaChain, you can create cross-chain DAOs. Try deploying a DAO on testnet and creating an LP token!

zKMe — Mint Your Lucky SignNFT

zkMe provides an identity oracle (anti-bot/sybil, KYC, gamer scores, Etc.) that preserves user anonymity and privacy through zk-technology while remaining fully compliant.

With ZetaChain, we can give users the ability to manage their identity as a SBT from one single place across all their active ecosystems — that’s a gamechanger”, says Alex Scheer, founder of zKMe. Mint your Lucky SignNFT now!

iZUMi — Complete any transaction on iZUMi

iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing one-stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS). Its philosophy is that every token deserves better on-chain liquidity in an efficient and lasting way. Try completing any transaction on iZUMi now!

Looking Forward

The Bitget Wallet Task2Get campaign is a great way to contribute and participate in the ZetaChain network and new apps coming out on testnet. Stay tuned on social for the latest news on Task2Get and additional ZetaChain developments in this area.

About Bitget Wallet

Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet stands as Asia’s largest and a global frontrunner among all-in-one Web3 multi-chain wallets. We offer a comprehensive range of on-chain products and DeFi services to our users, including wallet functionality, Swap feature, NFT trading, DApp browsing, and more. With a 5-year legacy, Bitget Wallet has garnered acclaim from over 12 million users worldwide and has secured partnerships with prominent industry leaders. In March 2023, Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives trading platform made a substantial $30 million investment in BitKeep, acquiring a controlling stake. Following this strategic move, BitKeep underwent a transformative and strategic brand evolution in August, officially rebranding itself as Bitget Wallet.

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About ZetaChain

ZetaChain aims to be the only blockchain you’ll ever need. It is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place, as a developer or user. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

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