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Nov. 17th, 2022:

Introducing Omnichain Smart Contracts and Bitcoin Interoperability Support

The ZetaChain team is excited to launch the Athens-2 Testnet with Omnichain Smart Contracts and Bitcoin support. You can explore this testnet on ZetaScan, and view live addresses to develop with here.

Omnichain Smart Contracts

We restructured the documentation to make it simple to find everything you need to get started developing on ZetaChain — via Message Passing or Omnichain Smart Contracts. Read more below.

Zeta EVM (zEVM) and the ZRC-20 Standard

ZetaEVM (zEVM) is a module on top of the ZetaChain network that allows users to create and deploy EVM-compatible Omnichain Smart Contracts, which can read, write, or manage data and liquidity on any connected chain from a single place. A new standard called ZRC-20 allows Omnichain Smart Contracts to manage native assets on connected chains. With ZRC-20, developers can build applications that use and transact native fungible tokens such as Bitcoin, ERC-20s, and Gas Assets, all on a single chain.

Bitcoin Support

With Omnichain Smart Contracts and ZRC-20, developers can now deploy contracts on ZetaChain that control Bitcoin natively. In other words, ZetaChain supports Bitcoin smart contracts. On top of this, ZetaChain supports smart contracts that orchestrate not only Bitcoin, but also Bitcoin together with assets and data from other chains. Now, you can trade and use Bitcoin with any assets in the DeFi world, natively.

Dive Deeper

Check out the following docs to start building on top of ZetaEVM and ZRC-20 with the Athens-2 Testnet. Scroll through the rest of our documentation using the left sidebar!