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ZetaChain Testnet

ZetaChain's testnet is live with the latest features, it will be undergoing active upgrades and development. Periodically, this network may undergo stress testing affecting the network's availability. This network is poised to eventually become the primary testnet for all ZetaChain development. If you are deploying and testing dApps moving forward, you should deploy and test them here.

Chain ID (Cosmos)athens_7001-1
Chain ID (EVM)7001

For a list of RPC endpoints, refer to the API endpoints page.



Transition from Athens 2 to Athens 3

Apps that were deployed to Athens 2 are or will transition to Athens 3 as a long-term testnet. If you need to upgrade your wallet to use this new network instead of Athens 2, please follow these instructions.

  1. In your wallet, remove the ZetaChain network that you are currently using.
  1. Add the new network. Network information for the testnet looks like this:
Network NameZetaChain Athens-3 Testnet
Currency SymbolaZETA
Block Explorer
Chain ID7001

By moving to the new RPC/network, you will not keep assets or any data from Athens 2. No assets on any testnet should be worth any value, but if you want to keep anything, you can transfer it to a different chain from ZetaChain.