Swap to ZETA

In the previous tutorial you've learned how to create an omnichain swap contracts that allows users to swap between tokens between connected blockchains. The target token was always on a connected blockchain.

In this tutorial you will modify the swap example to support swapping tokens for wrapped ZETA (WZETA). By design WZETA tokens will be transferred to recipient on ZetaChain.

Copy the existing swap example into a new file SwapToZeta.sol and make the necessary changes:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.7;
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/SystemContract.sol";
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/interfaces/zContract.sol";
import "@zetachain/toolkit/contracts/SwapHelperLib.sol";
import "@zetachain/toolkit/contracts/BytesHelperLib.sol";
import "@zetachain/protocol-contracts/contracts/zevm/interfaces/IWZETA.sol";
import "@zetachain/toolkit/contracts/OnlySystem.sol";
contract SwapToZeta is zContract, OnlySystem {
    SystemContract public systemContract;
    uint256 constant BITCOIN = 18332;
    constructor(address systemContractAddress) {
        systemContract = SystemContract(systemContractAddress);
    function onCrossChainCall(
        zContext calldata context,
        address zrc20,
        uint256 amount,
        bytes calldata message
    ) external virtual override onlySystem(systemContract) {
        address target;
        bytes memory to;
        if (context.chainID == BITCOIN) {
            target = BytesHelperLib.bytesToAddress(message, 0);
            to = abi.encodePacked(BytesHelperLib.bytesToAddress(message, 20));
        } else {
            (address targetToken, bytes memory recipient) = abi.decode(
                (address, bytes)
            target = targetToken;
            to = recipient;
        address wzeta = systemContract.wZetaContractAddress();
        bool isTargetZeta = target == wzeta;
        uint256 inputForGas;
        address gasZRC20;
        uint256 gasFee;
        if (!isTargetZeta) {
            (gasZRC20, gasFee) = IZRC20(target).withdrawGasFee();
            inputForGas = SwapHelperLib.swapTokensForExactTokens(
        uint256 outputAmount = SwapHelperLib.swapExactTokensForTokens(
            isTargetZeta ? amount : amount - inputForGas,
        if (isTargetZeta) {
            IWETH9(wzeta).transfer(address(uint160(bytes20(to))), outputAmount);
        } else {
            IZRC20(gasZRC20).approve(target, gasFee);
            IZRC20(target).withdraw(to, outputAmount);

Add the IWZETA interface to interact seamlessly with the WZETA wrapped token contract. This import enables the new features introduced in the updated version of the contract.

Change the contract name from Swap to SwapToZeta.

Add a conditional to check if the target token's address matches WZETA token address. You can get WZETA token address from the system contract.

Introduce a conditional to skip querying the withdrawal gas fee and swapping for a gas token when the target is WZETA. This step is only necessary for transactions involving ZRC-20 tokens that will be withdrawn. For transactions with WZETA, these steps are unnecessary as the token remains within the ZetaChain.

Add logic to swap the entire incoming amount when the target is WZETA and to swap amount - inputForGas when dealing with ZRC-20 tokens. This ensures that the correct amount is swapped based on the token type involved.

Finally, insert a conditional operation to either transfer swapped WZETA directly to the recipient on the ZetaChain or to withdraw ZRC-20 tokens to the designated destination chain.

npx hardhat compile --force

When deploying use the --name flag to specify which contract you want to deploy:

npx hardhat deploy --network zeta_testnet --name SwapToZeta
🔑 Using account: 0x4955a3F38ff86ae92A914445099caa8eA2B9bA32

🚀 Successfully deployed contract on zeta_testnet.
📜 Contract address: 0x48D512595699A1c1c40C7B5Fc378512Ab0dCFAd7
🌍 ZetaScan:
🌍 Blockcsout:

When using the interact task specify ZETA token contract address as the value of --target-token:

npx hardhat interact --contract 0x48D512595699A1c1c40C7B5Fc378512Ab0dCFAd7 --network bsc_testnet --amount 0.01 --target-token 0x5F0b1a82749cb4E2278EC87F8BF6B618dC71a8bf --recipient 0x4955a3F38ff86ae92A914445099caa8eA2B9bA32

Track the transaction:

npx hardhat cctx 0xe8f3aa508fcd204939343eb9dd8e7e6e7425bf920b14bdbb64743c0f27e7981e
✓ CCTXs on ZetaChain found.

✓ 0xb83ca0b837ae812033dd06c46c979582415085faa47158875fbf04198152a203: 97 → 7001: OutboundMined (Remote omnichain contract call completed)

Notice that an outbound CCTX is not created, because when swapping for WZETA, WZETA tokens remains on ZetaChain and isn't being withdrawn.

You can now open the recipient's address page on Blockscout and check for an incoming WZETA token transfer.