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To make your life easier we already deployed a system contract with some information you may need in your protocol. You can import this code into your project and instance with the deployed address (Testnet addresses or Mainnet addresses)

In this contract you will find:

  • wZetaContractAddress: ZRC20 version of Zeta Native Token
  • uniswapv2FactoryAddress and uniswapv2Router02Address: Uniswap v2 already deployed on zEVM
  • gasZetaPoolByChainId and gasCoinZRC20ByChainId: helpers with ZRC20 data indexed by chain id
  • gasPriceByChainId: helper to estimate gas for an external transaction

Swap Helper Lib

contract SystemContract is SystemContractErrors {
mapping(uint256 => uint256) public gasPriceByChainId;
mapping(uint256 => address) public gasCoinZRC20ByChainId;
mapping(uint256 => address) public gasZetaPoolByChainId;
address public constant FUNGIBLE_MODULE_ADDRESS = 0x735b14BB79463307AAcBED86DAf3322B1e6226aB;
address public wZetaContractAddress;
address public uniswapv2FactoryAddress;
address public uniswapv2Router02Address;

Let's write an example of how to use this in your smart contract

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.7;
import "../system/SystemContract.sol";
contract SystemContractSample {
SystemContract public immutable systemContract;

constructor(address systemContractAddress) {
systemContract = SystemContract(systemContractAddress);

function getZRC20AddressByChainId(uint32 targetZRC20ChainId) returns(address) {
return systemContract.gasCoinZRC20ByChainId(targetZRC20ChainId);

This are the more primitive helpers, if you want more sofisticated please reference to Smart contract helpers