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What is ZETA?

ZETA is used to deploy and call smart contracts on ZetaChain, and to transact data and value across chains (through messaging). For ZetaChain's Athens network, they use the same ZETA that lives on connected testnet networks. With ZetaChain's Mainnet launch, ZETA will be traded and transacted across all connected chains.

You can view the addresses on respective chains here. Check out Omnichain Smart Contacts for more information about developing smart contracts on ZetaChain, where ZETA is used for gas fees. Check out the Connector docs for information on how to send ZETA as well as any data or value via ZetaChain.

How to get testnet ZETA

In our Discord you can acquire ZETA via the #zeta-faucet channel. To get some ZETA, use the command zeta faucet drip [address] in #zeta-faucet, replacing [address] with your EVM-compatible address. As we add support for additional chains, we'll allow you to get ZETA for various other networks and addresses. The faucet will also drip some native gas assets so you can get started transacting immediately!

After requesting ZETA from the bot, you will receive ZETA on each connected chain. With this ZETA in your wallets, you have all you need to start building on ZetaChain! Get started here.

Note that this testnet ZETA has no monetary value, and is only needed for testing and development purposes.

Getting Additional Testnet Gas Assets

If you need more gas assets for the respective testnet networks to transact with, you can try the following faucets: