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Gas Fees


When interacting with smart contracts on ZetaChain, a user includes a portion of value that is spent on gas for that transaction.

Smart contract deployments and smart contract calls require gas to run. A user can call a zEVM contract from an external chain by ZRC-20 deposits, including a contract call in the message, or connecting directly to ZetaChain and interacting with a contract that with a contract already deployed on zEVM.

The gas market/mechanism for ZetaEVM smart contracts is based on that of Ethermint and behaves similarly to EIP 1559 Ethereum gas fees. This gas system is built to deter malicious users from spamming the network.

Base Fee

ZetaChain includes a base flat fee of (example) 0.01 ZETA for any transactions, cross-chain messaging transactions or smart contracts. This base fee is adjustable by the network as needed to deal with network traffic and congestion, and is burned.

More details and breakdowns on gas fees involved with Cross-Chain Messaging and Omnichain Smart Contracts will be written.